Chapitre 1 Naming Categories: classroom objectsGrammar Categories: to distinguish between toi and vousCommunication Categories: to greet someone (bonjour; ça va?), to respond to a greeting (bien, ça ne va pas), to identify oneself (je m'appelle. . .), to identify someone or something (c'est), to point out location (voici/voilà), to introduce someone (voici), to take leave (eh bien, au revoir), to thank someone (merci), to ask someone to speak (et toi? et vous?) to approve/agree (oui), to disapprove/disagree (non), to ask for the location of something (où est. . .)


Exercice de vocabulaire:


de vous et toi; monsieur, madame, mademoiselle; ça va? -

Chapter Review: