Chapitre 4 - Les parcs

In this chapter we will learn the names of objects in a park and modes of transportation, come to be able to describe physical position by means of prepositions, express possession using the verb avoir, count from 1 to 20, express the negative using ne . . . pas, and learn expressions for approvig, deciding, refusing, asking the reason for something, explaining, responding to thanks, asking for confirmation, and agreeing with somebody.


Les mots nouveaux -



Exercices de vocabulaire -

numbers - sites from which to learn/test on numbers 1 - 20:

Exercices de grammaire -
Les déterminants possessifs pluriels -
Le verbe avoir - j'ai, tu as, il/elle/on a, nous avons, vous avez, ils/elles ont -
learn to conjugate avoir at this link:
Les phrases négatives - ne/n'. . . pas -

Pour réviser le chapitre -
poser des questions et réponses